About Us

Who are we?

We're a bunch of pet enthusiasts who have traded their briefcases for chew toys and keyboards for kibble! Together, we're the paw-some force behind JungleChief, turning pet care into a digital adventure full of barks, meows, and the occasional “Who’s a good developer? Yes, you are!”


Meet our team

  • Michael

    Barketing Director


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    Meet Michael, our Barketing Specialist, who believes that every software update deserves a tail-wagging announcement.
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  • Ali

    Code Cat


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    Ali is fluent in both computer and meowchine languages, crafting software that ensures no one loses their sanity to endless laser pointer duty.
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  • Mandy

    Pawfect Service Director


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    With an uncanny ability to translate tech-talk into meowable and barkable language, Mandy ensures that every JungleChief user gets pawsome assistance.
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  • Jeremy

    Product Pawtrol Leader


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    Introducing Jeremy, the mastermind behind the world's most fetching pet software products, who believes that every furball deserves the latest in tech-treats and digital belly rubs.
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