Dog walking business software

Assign the right dogs, with the right walkers in the right groups. We’ve got you covered.

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Walking on a cloud

Elevate your pet walking services. Effortlessly manage schedules, and ensure timely and safe walks for furry companions. Billing and invoicing become a breeze, simplifying financial transactions.

With user-friendly interfaces and customizable features, Jungle Chief transforms pet walking into a seamless experience for both providers and owners.

Step into a new era of pet care with awesome pet walking software – where convenience and care unite for happier pets and satisfied owners.

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Smart graphs and intuitive calendars to keep you ahead

Start with our elegant graphs so you can tell what’s happening at a glance. Easy and quick. With pet temperaments, create walking groups based on the size, energy and reactivity of your furry friends. The perfect group walk for each pet.

Benefits of Jungle Chief

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    Appointment management

    Easily tell at glance, who's walking who today.

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    Health and medical records

    Jungle Chief centralises pet health records, vaccination histories, and medical notes.

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    Owners can request bookings online which filed in a waitlist for you to accept.

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    Billing and payments

    Automating billing and payment processes reduces administrative burdens.

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